We will help you find men's swimwear spandex designs that are sexy and perfect for your body.

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Fashions for men

The world is your oyster, at least that is now true for men's swimwear designs. No longer are you stuck wearing baggy shorts, Speedos or surf trunks. Men have choices and men are getting much bolder in their choices when it comes to swimwear. Sure bikinis, thongs, slinky skin tight shorts and even G-strings have been popular for year with men on the beaches of Europe and South America in fact many men through out the world enjoy showing some skin just like the ladies do and why not? Why not enjoy a beautiful full body tan instead of having that huge funny looking tan line you get with shorts. Why not enjoy the huge comfort advantage you get wearing bikinis, thongs, spandex micro shorts and G-strings? Why not look your best? Now that there are so many swimwear spandex styles for men to choose from the answer is obvious. Visit any popular hip beach in the USA and you will notice the trend immediately. More men than ever are wearing tiny bikinis of all shapes and sizes from full coverage bikinis to Brazilian bikinis, string bikinis, bulge pouch bikinis, micro bikinis and even the amazing new male to female transformation bikinis. The same trend is happening with men's thongs. High cut thongs, low cut thongs, bulge pouch styles, femme style pouch thongs and the list goes on. One of the trends I find exciting are the new micro shorts. This is an exploding fashion trend that you should see everywhere this summer. Similar to the little boy shorts the girls wear these things are smoking hot and they too come in many shapes and sizes. Bulge style shorts, male to female transformation front pouches, male form pouch style micro shorts and more. Most of these new styles for men show off at least a little cheek and some go full Daisy Duke showing off an abundant mount of rear. Lets not forget big butts are in big time and if you got it flaunt it. I am adding links to some of my favorite men's swimwear and spandex fun sites. Keep checking back as I will be adding new photos and information often. Swimwear spandex for men that will blow you away!